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Cash for Clothes


Sell Clothes For Cash & Help Society

Around 700,000 tonnes of second-hand clothes are collected annually in Canada. This not only helps to raise hundreds of millions for charity. It also helps to enable local authorities to generate income and increase recycling. Thousands of people are employed directly through the industry in Canada and millions of people throughout the world.

Cash 4 Clothes will pay you for 1 full standard sized bin bag (based on 10-kilo weight) 50p per kilograms equivalent to $5.00 – this is your opportunity to sell clothes for cash now!

Our wardrobe clean out process is so simple and convenient that updating your wardrobe isn’t a chore. In fact, it’s fun to pull the unwanted items off the hangers and pack your clothes in a clean-out bag. You can deliver it to nearest our shop.

If you are interested in selling your unwanted clothes at Cash 4 Clothes then why not contact us now.

Why It Pays To Sell Clothes

It is estimated that in Canada people throw away hundreds of thousands of tons of used clothes in a single year, which goes to landfill, Textiles present particular problems in landfills as synthetic (man-made fires) products will not decompose, while woollen garments do decompose and produce methane, which contributes to global warming.

Selling away your clothing items has never been so easy and convenient.

Empty your closet/wardrobe. This is the first thing on your plate. All you need to do is clean your cupboard and get ride of all the clothes and shoes you no longer need.
Bag your items, Drive to our office and Get your items checked and weighed. We will check whether they items are damaged or torn.
Get cash for clothes. We pay you 10 cents per pound on collection. You get the cash in return and the thought that you just did something good for the people in need along with the environment.

Helps raise funds for charities and schools

Charities and schools are always in need of donations from the public to maintain their valuable programs or to help them help others. Cash For Clothes offers an excellent way to raise money at the same time helping the environment.

Provides jobs

Sell clothes for cash and you will provide many jobs in the local area for all manner of people. As well as those jobs, it provides income for workers in the import and export sectors. With clothes needing to be transported freight companies also benefit.

Sell Clothes For Cash & Join Public Spirit

Canada used clothing and textile collection sector is something that this country can be proud of. We are amongst the best in the world at donating used clothing for re-use and recycling. Around 700,000 tonnes are collected annually.

Have you Any Question?

We weigh the clothes using an extremely accurate, professional digital scale. We do not use any type of mechanic pull type, spring or balance scale.
No. As long as the items are clean, dry and in salable condition, you can bring as little or as much clothing as you would like. The more items you bring in, the more money you can make.
Yes, we can. If you are selling more than 200 kg of clothing total, please get in touch with us via our Contact Us form. We will work with you to arrange a collection time and date that fits your schedule.

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